CFF - Coding Source
SQL (Structured Query Language)
Insert Statement (Prevention of SQL Injection)
Request.Form (How to request information from a form)
Request.Form (Allow your visitors to play YouTube Video's in your ASP Page)
Form Processing
Classic ASP Form Validation with ReCapTcha
Classic ASP md5 Hash Login Script
Classic ASP, AJAX and ReCapTcha
Send Email using ASP Classic and CDOSYS
SELECT Statement, INSERT Statement, UPDATE Statement, DELETE Statement, in ASP using Parameter's, in the combat against SQL & XSS INJECTION
ASP Classic Linkify - Convert text links into Clickable URLs
No Captcha ReCaptcha 2.0 with ASP Classic
Queries Against Access Database
ASP Classic check if Zip Code exist, if not show message.
Microsoft Access Database Queries and Relationships
Create an XML Sitemap or data feed with Classic ASP
Column & Paging System for Classic ASP
Paging System for Classic ASP
Basic Classic ASP
Classic ASP Database Driven Select Menu (Dropdown Menu)
Classic ASP Database Driven Select Menu to insert data
Forms (All Types)
Insert text from 2 inputs into a TextArea a cursor position
Textarea Character Count (Memo Field Character Count)
ASP Classic & JQuery
Twitter Style Load More Results with jQuery and Ajax in Classic ASP & Access (or) SQL Server
Check if usename is taken (ASP Classic and JQuery)
Ajax pagination using ASP Classic jQuery and SQL Server / Access Database
Galleriffic with ASP Classic and SQL Server 2005 Backened (or) Access Database
Populate triple drop down list from database using Ajax and Classic ASP
ASP Classic Lessons 1 - 4
Coding Source Editor with AJAX
Ajax Tutorial: Dynamic Loading of ComboBox using jQuery and Ajax in ASP Classic
Scrolling Page with ASP Classic And JQuery
Sorting with Ajax and ASP Classic
Submit Form with AJAX and disable button once complete
ASP Classic, JQuery, AJAX, DatePicker, and FancyBox
Image Manipulation
Photoshop Tutorial - Ocean & Mountain Scene (FREE Photoshop Brushes)
Photoshop Lesson #7 - Lesson - Shadow Casting
Line Art
Photoshop Using the line tool to make Line Art (man)
Animated Banners
Photoshop - Create an Animated Banner
After Effects
Text Affects
Simple Text Effect in After Effects
Using Expressions in After Effects to create a Wiggle effect
After Effects - Fire Text
Scrolling Text in After Effects
After Effects Tutorial - Write Out (Fire Text)
After Effects Shutter Effect
After Effects Credit Bounce
After Effects Lower Third
After Effects Text Animate onto Screen with a Blur
Adobe After Effects Lesson #11 - Animate Text in a Circle
Image Effects
After Effects Puppet Tool - Animate still image of Megan Fox
After Effects Using the Puppet Pin tool
After Effects - Lesson #13 Make a car follow path
After Effects - Lesson #14 - Having fun with the Shapes Tool
After Effects - Lesson #16 - Animated Painted Person And Name
Adobe After Effects - Lesson #17 - Grid Transition
After Effects - Lesson #19 - Page Roll Title Revealed
Adobe After Effects - Lesson #20 - Create a Ball and Bounce Around Scene
After Effects - Lesson #25 - Creepy Eerie Movie Title
Adobe Edge Animate Rollover Button
Delphi Training Series #2 TEdit and TMemo work together
Delphi Programming - Change Colors of TBitBtn and TPanel
Delphi Programming - Position controls or components in codeview to see changes during runtime.
Delphi Programming - Show hints for controls on form through code
SQL Server
SQL Server 2005 (Change Table Owner name (Scheme Name) to dbo)
SQL Server 2005 (Import All Table information with SQL Scripting)
SQL Server Create Linked Database and Insert Data From It
Visual Basic
Visual studio 2012 Lesson #12 - Upload ONLY Certain File Types
Upload Scripts
Uploadify using ASP.NET C# and VB.NET
3d Programming
3Ds Max
3DS Max - Lesson
Microsoft Access
Access Database how to create Relationships
Adobe Edge Animate
Adobe Edge Animate - Adding Sound to Mouseover Event
Adobe Edge Animate Wipe On Text Effect with Mirrored Text
Adobe Edge Animate - Edge Commons - Start and Stop Sound In Your Project
Adobe Edge Animate - Edge Commons - Start and Stop Sound In Your Project with Click and Double Click
Text Effects
Adobe Edge Animate Lesson - Image Gallery
Adobe Edge Animate How to make a bird and animate it
Adobe Edge Animate - Space Project
Adobe Edge Animate CC Lesson #1 - Animate a car driving around stage using Motion Path
Adobe Edge Animate CC - Lesson #3 - Animate ball bouncing on boxes and changing colors
Adobe Edge Animate - Lesson 8 - Mouseover Image Button