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CFF Coding Source is a product of the Carrz-Fox-Fire Promotions« company.
CFF CS was an idea in the making for nearly 5 years now. What started out back then to be a site for Delphi programmers turned into what we have now.
If you are experiancing errors in your learning or development projects,
please check out our Knowledge Base

The KB is full of useful ASP Classic Articles as well as other program articles.
We are constantly adding in new articles into the KB on a weekly basis. Sometimes up to 5 a week, or when we run into issues. So have a look and see if it can help you to resolve an issue or 2.
CFF Knowledge Base

Like to learn from Video Tutorial, then check out our YouTube channel here :
CFF Coding Source on YouTube via Dark Effects TV
We are now starting to upload video's to YouTube for ASP Classic Error checking and Tutorials on how to program in ASP Classic, After Effects, Photoshop, and other supported programs.
So come on and join us today.

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